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It’s all about the bass for our new bassist @b.watkins_. Benjamin can’t wait to enrich his understanding of repertoire that he loves in the top-class musical environment that Oxford Bach Soloist provides. The full list of our Choral Scholar can be found from the link in our bio. Make sure you also visit the link in our bio to get your tickets for our upcoming Brandenburg Series.
Happy Saturday all! We’re delighted to introduce you to our new soprano @melissamtalbot. Melissa can’t wait to get started and stuck in working with her inspiring colleagues. Visit the link in our bio to read our full 2021-2022 line up of Choral Scholars. There’s also only two weeks to go until our Brandenburg Series kicks off, so head over to the link in our bio to get your tickets now! #Choral #Bach #Classical #Music #Oxford
A study conducted by Miyagi University in Japan reports that listening to Bach or Beethoven could make you crave sweet foods! You can read more about this over at the link in our bio. What do you crave when listening to Bach? Comment below! #Bach #Beethoven #Classical #Music
We’re starting this week with the announcement of our second Alto! @karolj6544 is looking forward to honing in his language skills by taking advantage of the professional German language coaching that we offer. You can find our full list of 2021-2022 Choral Scholars by following the link in our bio. In other exciting news, our Brandenburg Series kicks off in a few weeks, so make sure you purchase your tickets from the link in our bio. #Choral #Bach #Classical #Music #Oxford
Next on our list of talented 2021-2022 Choral Scholars, is @jessrose79, our Soprano! Jessie looks forward to performing live alongside all our other skilled musicians. Visit the link in our bio to find out more. We’d also like to remind everyone that if they haven’t already, there’s still time to purchase tickets for the Brandenburg Series starting in October! Get your tickets from the link in our bio. #Choral #Bach #Classical #Music #Oxford
The #classical #music streaming service, Primephonic, has been acquired by Apple Music. This move brings classical music to the mainstream and encourages younger generations to listen to #Bach, while offering subscribers an improved experience! Visit the link in our bio to read more.

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