Oxford Bach Soloists


Thank you!

We are grateful to the following individuals, trusts, and companies who have chosen to make a gift to the Oxford Bach Soloists. These generous benefactors support the work of our exceptional musicians, administrators, educational projects, and make music lessons, language coaching sessions, tours and recordings, and special projects possible. Thank you to each and everyone of you!

Principal Benefactor

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni and Jane Patterson


David Hodges
Leslie Macleod-Miller

Friends of OBS

Roy Abraham
Tim Brunton
William Burt
Martha Cass
John Horrocks
Christopher Jones
Rosamond Jones
Anthony Kedros
Henrike Lähnemann
Dyrol Lumbard
Keith Malcouronne
Nancy Marten
Graham Nabb
Susan Norbury
Amanda Poole
Dr Nicholas Roberts
Cita Stelzer
Daniel Talbot-Ponsonby
Andrea Thomas
David Thurston
Lynda Weiss
Jonathon Wilson

Prof Robin Wilson & Joy Crispin-Wilson

and our other anonymous supporters


Leipzig Circle

John Elder
Julian Hall
Helen Morton
Gerry Rainbird
Isabella de Sabata
Professor Simon Underdown

and our other anonymous supporters

Dresden Court

Robert & Louise Gullifer
Elizabeth Jones K.C.

and our other anonymous supporters

The music of J. S. Bach is the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

It reaches beyond its Western roots, crossing all borders, touching the hearts of the whole world. It represents the ultimate unity and universality of mankind. It is truth.

In seeking this truth, Oxford Bach Soloists is proud to align with world-class organisations that transform lives and make the world a better place.

To discuss Corporate Partnership opportunities, please contact Katie Ambrose (General Manager) at katie@oxfordbachsoloists.com

Our Corporate Partners:

Vegan Capital

Vegan Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni and Jane Patterson, investing with the aim of removing animals from the supply chain, replacing them and ultimately eliminating animal exploitation and abuse from all human activities.
Vegan Capital has successfully invested in over 40 ventures, from startups to established companies and partnerships. Supporting extraordinary cultural initiatives is part of its mission to create a better world.

Our Trust and Foundation Partners:

Fenton Arts Trust logo

The Fenton Arts Trust

The Fenton Arts Trust is a charity which focuses its efforts specifically on the support of artists at the beginning of their careers. Each year there are approximately twenty five to thirty beneficiaries.

The Trust was founded in 1986 by Shu-Yao Fenton in memory of her husband Colin, a collector of antiques and pictures and a dedicated supporter of the arts. Following her death in 2000 the substantial part of her estate passed to the Trust.

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