St John Passion

Friday 30 March, 1.30 pm
New College Chapel, Oxford

One of Bach’s best loved works, the St John Passion was first performed on Good Friday of 1724 in the St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig.

‘Daring, forceful and poetic’ – Robert Schumann

Easter Oratorio

Saturday 31 March, 3.15 pm
New College Chapel, Oxford

Bach’s festive scoring with trumpets and drums tells the story of the Resurrection through Simon Peter, John the Apostle, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Jacobe.

Hunting Cantata

Sunday 15 April, 3.15 pm
New College Chapel, Oxford

Hunting calls and timpani open this concert on a pastoral theme including Cantata 143 for New Year’s Day, and the Hunting Cantata 208 featuring the favourite aria ‘Sheep may safely graze’


Performer Focus: Alexander Chance

“I was born in London, but lived in Norfolk for most of my childhood. Though never a Chorister, I sang as a treble in school choirs until the age of about 14, when I convinced myself and others that my voice was breaking (it wasn’t), and pretended to be a...

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Music for the Dukes

Oxford Bach Soloists brings to life two of Bach’s earliest cantatas on 4 March composed during his time in service to the Weimar Dukes – but it’s not as simple as it sounds…

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Bach Cantata: Gelobet sei der Herr, mein Gott (BWV 129)

The date of composition of this cantata is uncertain. It seems probable that Bach first performed it either during the 1726 Reformation Festival, which was always celebrated in Leipzig on 31st October, or on Trinity Sunday in the following year. Thereafter the piece took its place among the great chorale-based works of his 1724-25 cycle, where it replaced a non-chorale-based cantata, BWV 176.

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