Tell us a bit about yourself, and your training to date?

Whilst studying for a BA (Hons) in Music at the University of York, I trained with vocal specialists including Robert Hollingworth, Rachel Nichols, Professor William Brooks and Alex Ashworth. Since graduating in 2014, I have enjoyed a varied musical career spanning solo, consort and choral works, and performance for the stage, screen and recital platform.

Which other musical ensembles are you involved with?

I have sung with a number of choirs such as I Fagiolini, Marian Consort, Polyphony, and Britten Sinfonia Voices. I have also sung for ensembles including The Cardinal’s MusickThe Sixteenand The Eric Whitacre Singers.

Elspeth Singing

What attracted you to the Oxford Bach Soloists?

The chance to perform regularly with world-class instrumentalists, as a soloist, seemed too good an opportunity to be missed. I love the rehearsal process, playing with ideas and collaborating as an ensemble. I wish we had more time for this.

Elspeth Rehearsal

What do you see as the value of ensembles like OBS to young aspiring musicians?

As a young singer it can be incredibly rare to have the chance to work with world-class instrumentalists on a long-term basis. Being a part of the OBS ensemble is giving me the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with, learn from and be inspired by musicians that I may never otherwise have met. The fact that there aren’t really any other ensembles like OBS, giving young singers this opportunity, only makes it more special.

What are your future plans as a singer?

To continue to grow and develop as an artist, to collaborate with great musicians from different walks of life, and to create art that is meaningful.

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